Taghazout, Morocco

Best Travel Guide to Taghazout, Morocco | Surf & Explore

Do you want to experience the best of what Taghazout, Morocco, has to offer? Taghazout is a must-visit destination, from its stunning beaches and surf spots to its unique culture, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes. 

The small Moroccan fishing village of Taghazout is located on the country's Atlantic coast and is renowned for being one of the most beautiful destinations in the region. It's a paradise for surfers who come here year-round to catch some of North Africa’s best waves. But there's much more to discover in this quaint village — its colorful marketplaces filled with fresh produce, traditional restaurants serving authentic dishes, and charming street markets filled with handicrafts and souvenirs. 

This guide gives an overview of all the fantastic things you can see and do in this stunning destination — from discovering local culture and cuisine to finding the perfect spot for surfing or strolling along pristine beaches. So if you're planning your next adventure – a week-long holiday or a weekend escape — let us take you on a journey through Taghazout!

The Best Time to Surf and Travel in Taghazout

Best time to surf

The best time to travel and surf in Taghazout, Morocco, is between October and April. During this time of year, the temperatures are more comfortable for outdoor activities, and the waves are ideal for surfing. The coastal town of Taghazout is known for its excellent surf spots, with some of the world’s best beaches, like Banana Beach, Killer Point, Devil’s Rock, Panorama, and Hash Point, situated along its shores. 

In addition to being an excellent destination for surfing, Taghazout offers visitors plenty of attractions such as fish markets, cultural centers featuring traditional Berber music performances, and camel rides on nearby beaches. 

Windswells occur most often in the months leading up to and after January, making it an excellent time for intermediate to advanced-level surfers looking for big waves. 

Explore Taghazout, Morocco's Best Surf Spots

Explore Taghazout

Taghazout, Morocco, is a world-renowned surf destination for all surfers and beach-goers. This coastal town is a surfer's paradise with sunny, blue skies and crystal-clear water. And with its proximity to Europe and cheap flights to and from the continent, no doubt that Taghazout, Morocco, is the surfing and adventure haven for all adventure seekers. 

Several famous surf points all along the bay attract from near and far. Whether you're an experienced surfer, a beginner looking to learn how to ride the waves, or someone just wanting to lounge on the beach or explore nearby attractions, there's something for everyone in Taghazout!

The most popular places to surf around Taghazout are Anchor Point, Killer Point, and Panorama Point. Anchor Point has smooth rights waves for intermediate and advanced surfers, while Killer Point is a reef break for experienced surfers, longboarders, and bodyboarders alike. Both offer challenging waves preferred by experienced surfers. Lastly, Panorama Point, Hash Point, Mysteries, and La Source are perfect for beginners looking to improve their surfing skills.

Where to Stay in Taghazout: Find The Perfect Accommodation!

Kekai Terrace

Several hotels and hostels are located in Taghazout with varying prices depending on the type of accommodation you're looking for. Luxury hotels like The Radisson Blu offer spectacular facilities for those wanting a more upscale stay in town. At the same time, budget accommodations such as Kekai Surf House provide an affordable option without compromising quality or amenities. 

What To Do: Explore the Wonders of Taghazout, Morocco!

Paradise Valley

When you're not out surfing the waves, there are still plenty of activities in the area! 

Spend your days exploring the local markets where vendors sell handmade rugs, jewelry, and traditional crafts, take a sunset camel ride through the beaches, or hop on a sandboarding adventure in the nearby desert. 

Many local restaurants also serve delicious Moroccan cuisine, such as tajine and couscous, overlooking stunning Atlantic Ocean views. 

Another popular activity among tourists is taking a day trip to Agadir, where you can visit souks filled with spices, pottery, and leather goods while enjoying breathtaking views of Morocco’s famous golden coastline!